Saturday, July 17, 2010

Never Again

Stood on the phone with you when you were scared at night...
I'd do anything in hopes to lessen your fright...
I spent years trying to understand if it was right...
But by the time I came around you were no where in sight.

Damn its fucked up but something im prepared to deal with..
I wish i could say i understand, but i dont, well maybe just a little bit.

The truth is the memories got me fading slowly..
get to reminiscing when im feelin lonely..
put a smile on my face but these people dont really know me.

I keep on writing and writing..
hoping one day this notepad does some providing..
Im hiding confiding in myself..
didnt make it to confession..but know God understands and long as I learn my lesson..
another worry or weight dont mean shit when your stressin...
people go to sleep and wake to a recession..
Im up....tired as fuck...plotting out my progression.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The taste of salt...

I dunno if the time has come, but Im dying trying to figure out if I'm the only one.
Weak Hearts n Strong minds tend to give the wrong impression...feeling like I was the one who was told to get to steppin.
Depressed and feelings under the L.A. weather, she ripped my heart out and then tried to put me back together.
I have my doubts, I have my convictions,tryna change it up but it seems like pains become my addiction.
I just need a new direction, cause when look at the man in the mirror I wanna see a different reflection.
In the meanwhile i die quietly as if no love at all were a lethal injection, life changes so suddenly...its just my perception.